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Installation of Septic Tanks with Easy Clean Services

Easy Clean Services use only the best products by Condor, Titan, Balmoral and Klargester, and we make sure that we chose the correct choice for the particular site and the conditions of the site. We make sure that great planning a head guarantee’s no mistakes are made at the planning stage, since this could eventually lead to problems such as groundwater pollution, backing up of sewage and unpleasant odours. Klargester and Titan Septic Tanks are suitable for households from 4 to 38. These tanks can take from 1 - 12 houses, with drainage fields designed to cope with the number of households.

Percolation test will be needed to be carried out to determine the permeability of the sub soil before any Sewage Plant or Septic Tank can be installed. If a Septic Tank is installed without a percolation test being carried out or approval from the environmental agency you could be liable to a £25,000 fine.

The rate of permeability calculated from the percolation test allows the correct size of soakaway to be designed. Our experience of many years will allow us to undertake these percolation tests and provide you with the correct solution for your site. We undertake percolation tests for domestic and commercial applications.

Repair of Septic Tanks with Easy Clean Services

Sadly many Sewage Systems and Septic Tanks suffer from neglect, as the old saying goes ”out of sight out of mind”. Septic Tank once installed generally do not cause any problems unless there is ground subsidence which may cause some damage to tank itself. Failure to desludge the Septic Tank at regular intervals will also cause problems allowing the solids and slurry to build up within the Septic Tank which in time will allow higher level of suspended solids within the effluent to enter the drainage field which could cause premature failure of the drainage field / soakaway. However, Easy Clean Services engineers are experienced in carrying out internal repairs to Septic Tanks and replacing broken ‘T’ pipe (dip pipes) and internal separation partitioning walls.

Normally most problems with Septic Tanks is, more often than not, soakaway failure normally due to the lack of maintenance or regular cleaning of tanks. If the outflow is restricted then the system will soon backup. It is therefore important that this problem is identified to save both time and money on remedial repairs unlikely to work.

Once a problem with the soakaway has been identified it will then be necessary to determine which type of land drainage will best suit the area. This could be by way of a normal soakaway, land drains, pumped systems or boreholes are just a few options available.


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